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Our Story

Our mission is to provide athletes an edge by using a science backed approach and proven ingredients to improve performance, recovery, body composition, and general health. Our goal is to assist people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to keep an active lifestyle.



Who We Are

Christian Backes

Christian grew up in Aurora, Colorado as a multisport athlete. Eventually, focussing on football which earned him a spot on the University of Northern Colorado roster as a Tight End.

 His passion for performance continued to grow after college and in 2019 he opened Ironworks Performance in Broomfield, Colorado.

Over the last 5 years, Christian has worked closely with a diverse group of athletes ranging from professionals (NFL, MLB, MiLB) to collegiate (Divison 1-3 & JUCO) and High School athletes. Currently, he oversees multiple High School Lacrosse strength and conditioning programs as well as the Colorado State Men’s Lacrosse program and Otero Junior College Baseball program.

 In late 2019, Christian founded Fullride Sports nutrition and later partnered with Bryce Givens and re-branded as Ironwolf Nutrition. Together, the two created a vision to help fuel athletes across the nation with high-quality supplements they can trust.


Bryce Givens

 Bryce Givens grew up in Castle Pines, Colorado where he wrestled, and played baseball and football. Similar to Christian, his talent and passion for football took off in high school and landed him a scholarship to play at University of Colorado as an offensive tackle.

 Having always had a passion for food (and eating), Bryce became a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 nutritionist and has worked with multiple athletes from MLB to high school. His focus is to create habits for his athletes to grow and perform at the highest level.

 Bryce started training for Ironman triathlons in 2019 and found that he needed a nutrition supplement that could support his long training hours. Together with Christian, they founded Ironwolf Nutrition and got to work on creating high quality supplements that they could use for themselves and for their athletes.