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Who We Are

Ironwolf: Established 2020

Ironwolf Nutrition launched in early 2020, driven by a mission to deliver clean, transparent supplements to the athletes we work with at Ironworks Performance in Colorado. As time progressed, our vision expanded to encompass a broader audience of athletes from diverse backgrounds, striving to push them to excel in their training, competitions, or recovery. Rooted deeply in sports performance and athletics, Ironwolf is committed to assisting athletes in reaching their highest potential.

The Mission Of Ironwolf

Our mission is to empower athletes with a science-backed approach and proven ingredients that enhance performance, expedite recovery, optimize body composition, and promote overall well-being. Our overarching objective is to support individuals in sustaining a healthy lifestyle that enables an active and fulfilling life.

Meet Our Team

Christian Backes

Christian's journey began in Aurora, Colorado, where he thrived as a multisport athlete before accepting a scholarship to play Tight End at Northern Colorado.
His dedication to performance remained beyond college, leading him to establish Ironworks Performance in Broomfield, Colorado, back in 2019.
Over the past 6 years, Christian has fostered close relationships with a diverse spectrum of athletes, spanning from the NFL, MLB, & MiLB to Division 1-3 and JUCO as well as talented high school athletes. Presently, he oversees multiple High School Lacrosse strength and conditioning programs, spearheads the strength training efforts for the Colorado State Men’s Lacrosse program, and the Otero Junior College Baseball program.
In early 2020, Christian founded Ironwolf Nutrition. His vision is to provide athletes with unwavering access to high-quality, trustworthy supplements that fuel peak performance.