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EAA Intra

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What Is EAA Intra? 
EAA Intra is our intra workout powder that keeps you hydrated while fueling your muscles for maximum performance during every strenuous workout. Our goal with EAA Intra was geared towards the endurance athletes who compete & train for long periods of time and need to stay hydrated & have fuel to maintain their performance for an entire training session, competition or race; EAA Intra is also great for lifters, gym goers and anyone looking for something to keep them hydrated throughout the day! 
BCAAs: Increase Protein Synthesis For Max Recovery*
EAAs: Build Vital Proteins In The Body That Help Create Soft Tissue*
Potassium: Helps Maintain Proper Fluid Balance Within The Body*
Magnesium: Aids In Energy Production & Muscle Recovery*
Taurine: Improves Hydration, Stamina & Supports Proper CNS Function*

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ironwolf EAA Intra, highly recommend.

I've recently switched from BCAA's to EAA's during my work outs and have been looking for local gyms that have their own supplements. I found Ironwolf and picked up their EAA Intra, and I will definitely be trying their other products.

This is the best tasting EAA I've ever had and it doesn't have that weird aftertaste I've noticed in other EAA's. The added hydration made a noticeable reduction in muscle cramping on my longer workouts, and it has been taking longer to fatigue when I really push it.

Well worth tracking down!!

Great During Workouts!

This is a great refresher & tastes great during training sessions! Outside of training, its just a good drink to have for some extra hydration and a boost to the regular water everyone is already drinking!

Great product

Hydration station, loved using it for my CNS and to help my overall hydration

Junior reyes

Gives me a lot energy

Colton Rowan
Very good

Tastes very good, love the supplement